Studentsports Venlo

With Studentsports Venlo you can get unlimited sports for only € 17,95 per month up to a maximum of once a day at more than 8 sports providers! In addition, several sporting events are organized annually for sports card holders.

Studentsports Venlo is valid for students studying at the participating schools in Venlo: FontysHAS and UM.

Whether you are very sporty, finally want to start exercising again or just want to exercise for fun and pleasure, there is always a reason to buy the digital sports card of Studentsports Venlo!

Wat is HYROX?

HYROX is an indoor competition where functional exercises and endurance are combined. The competition starts with a 1 km run, followed by 1 functional exercise. This sequence is repeated eight times.

The unique thing about HYROX is that everyone from different athletic and fitness backgrounds can participate in the competition.

Worldwide, the competition is exactly the same and gives athletes the opportunity to compete against each other. With HYROX, athletes get the opportunity to measure themselves and improve their times.

We have converted this line of thought into a training principle with which we make the entire body top fit. You can train HYROX regardless of whether you participate in the competition.